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The Microcapsule Method



Fractures are a powerful enemy of
concrete. When fractures reach iron
rebar, carbon dioxide and rain water
may enter and create rust. This
promotes the deterioration of the

At the earliest possible stage, the
automatic low-pressure microcapsule
injection method for repairing and
strengthening of concrete is important.

The microcapsule repair method fills the
insides of the fractures unifying the
concrete and protecting its durability.

Although obvious from the core
sample, it can be confirmed that the
injection epoxy followed the deepest
cracks, unifying the concrete.

The microcapsule method is ideal for the
maintenance and preservation of concrete



This method, which is easy on buildings,
completely fills fine fractures by means of
a low-pressure spring without needless
cracking or discoloration.

The capsules are transparent allowing for
easy visual inspection of injection progress
and injection epoxy levels.

The L shaped joint allows application in
hard-to-reach locations.

Using low viscosity epoxy and ultrafine
inorganic particles, injections can be made to
reach the ends of the deepest fractures.

Unifying the concrete and protecting its
durability results in a high strengthening