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Resin Volume,
Injection Pitch,

Injection Pressure

The maximum pressure of
microcasule injections is


According to the ‘Common
Specification for Renovation
Work’ (2003 Edition) the
injection pressure for automatic
low-pressure injection
construction should be
below 0.4N/mm^2.
The Microcapsule method
conforms to this specification.


Injection Pressure

Spring Pressure

The capsule uses a counter-
spring bellows.

The capsule has a diameter of 3 cm.

The relationship between injection pressure
and injection quality.

Although faster injection times are acheived
with higher pressures, when injection quality is
considered, high-pressure injections cannot be
said to be better. This is because actual fractures
havea complex internal geometry, as shown below,
and are not smooth like an acrylic tube.
Under high-pressure injections, air pockets
may form resulting in an incomplete filling
of the fractures. Consequently, interior cracks
may be left unfilled acting as starting points for the
formation of new fractures. Therefore, to
increase the injection efficiency, it is ideal to
make slow, low-viscosity injections at the
lowest pressure possible.

High-Pressure Injection Low-Pressure Injection

Air Pockets remain. Even hairline fractures are filled.

Injection Site Cross Section.