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Injection Volumes (g)

*The standard method is to allow
curing while epoxy remains in the

*The capsule volume is 50g (45cc).

Fracture Injection Epoxy Resin Volume

When the fractures have a complicated internal
geometry or airpockets, it is oftentimes
necessary to increase the epoxy volume
above the standard amount. In such cases,
increase the epoxy resin volume by 30%.

Epoxy volume V(g)=w*d*specific gravity(1.1)*loss coefficient(1.3)
Loss rate has been calculated at 30%
in this example.
(per meter)


FractureWidth (w)
Concrete Thickness (d)
Epoxy Volume (V)


Fracture Injection Pitch
(Microcapsule Mounting Interval)

The standard mounting interval is 4 to 5
injectors (every 200 to 250mm) per meter.

Verification of the Injection
Taken from the Osaka Kobe Expressway Corporation’s Study of Injection Efficiency
in Concrete Fracture Repair

As is characteristic of the low-pressure injection method, the epoxy expands in concentric
circles as the injection proceeds.

Pre-injection conditions.
The depth of the test fracture
is 300mm.

Beginning the injection.

The injection epoxy has
thoroughly penetrated the