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Product Names

Capsule Injector Body (Transparent)

Surface Pedestal Injector Body (White)

The standard method makes use of the surface pedestal.

Internal Corner Pedestal Injector Case (Transparent)

For use on internal corners.

External Corner Pedestal Injector Case (White)

For use on external corners.

Holder L-shaped Joint

To prevent leakage a hole is created
at a right angle to the floating
section. Remove dust and grit before
beginning the injection. Allows repositioning of the
injector for applications in
difficult to reach locations.
Use in conjunction with the
surface pedestal.

Fracture Magnifier
7x magnification with attached illumination.

Please cut the holder to fit the location.
Depending on the situation, the holder may be wrapped with tape.
Please use the special-use capsule in conjuntion with the holder.