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(4) Constructing the Seal
Prevent leaks with a secure seal. Take
special care in the application around the pedestal
and the details and ends of brached fractures. For
fractures which have broken through, seal the rear
face. If bubbles appear, reapply the seal, starting
from the top. A 2 mm thickness requires 24 hours
for curing. Because cold weather can delay curing,
verify curing before beginning injections.

(5) Preparing the Injection
Use an injection epoxy suitable for the ambient
temperature. Prevent insufficient curing by using
the proper compound ratio and mixing thoroughly
for at least one minute. Be careful of the working
life of the injection epoxy. Mix batches which can
used up within the working life.

Place the injection epoxy in the capsule, tightly
close the cap and place into the injector.

(6)Beginning the Injection
Place the inector from step (5) into the pedestal
and gently release the spring.

(7) Confirming the Injection Progress
Verify that there is no leakage past the seals.
During the injection, replace epoxy casules
as necessary to prevent empty capsules.

(8) Completing the Injection
When the springs can no longer move,
the injection is complete.

(9) Curing
While the capsules contain epoxy,
do not change the spring pressure. Avoid
causing shocks, impacts or vibrations while
curing. Confirm the curing time of the
injection epoxy.

(10) Remoing the Injectors
Confirm the epoxy has cured before removing
the injectors and pedestals. The pedestal adhesive
softens when heated allowing for easy removal.

(11)Finishing and Cleaning

(12) Completion


<Important Application Points>
*Avoid application in ambient temperatures
below 5 C.
*Ensure adequate ventilation for
underground applications.
*Keep materials out of direct sunlight and
store in a dry place.
*Take caution during winter applications,
especially of worksite temperatures.
*Heat treatment is necessary for tile and
downward-facing applications.
*Before application, read and understand all
application and material handling